Who Can Join ?

Our Lord suffered indescribable sufferings for the sins of immodesty committed daily…and all He asks of us is our LOVE.

Who Can Join?

Membership is open to all ages. It is encouraged to enroll young children and take time to explain to them, the purpose of the membership (according to their age). In this way, we hope that we will recover a portion of our young to the beauty of modesty in dress and purity.

Men are also welcome to join, as modesty concerns them as well, keeping in mind that our focus is primarily for women. Men have women in their lives such as daughters, wives, fiances, mothers and so we hope they will encourage the women in their life to love modesty.

We are aware that this may not make us very popular. But it is to those few souls who will be reached that we undertake this work on behalf of Our Lady. We felt that there was such an urgent need for this message to be revived and promoted today and ask for your prayers for our family as we try to promote Our Lady’s message as far and wide as possible.

We thank anyone who can help us, in any way, to spread Our Lady’s Crusade. This apostolate, we place directly into the hands of Our Lady and ask for her blessing and constant intercession for its growth. We operate Our Lady’s Modesty Crusade, by donation only. We willingly accept donations of any size to help cover the costs of members who cannot contribute, help us continue publishing Modesty Resources and to further Our Lady’s Crusade.

Even though this apostolate will be in need of much financial help to cover basic expenses and growth, we entrust Our Lady to send us all that is needed for Her apostolate to operate.

We ask all members to pray for this intention.

May Our Lady guide you and Our Lord bless you for becoming a member of Our Lady’s Modesty Crusade© – a Martyr of Purity!



4 responses to “Who Can Join ?”

  1. Elaine Redel Avatar
    Elaine Redel

    I wish to join in the crusade of modesty. Please inform me on how to do this.. thank you

    Love and prayers

    1. Rita Davidson Avatar
      Rita Davidson

      bless you for wishing to join Our Lady’s modesty |Crusade! At this time we are still taking members to join, but we are just rebuilding from our devastating fire on July 19th this year. So, we ask you to please pray for us and pray for God to help us rebuild our apostolate for Our Lady as well as get us into a home soon! You can read about our fire on my blog. Thank you and God bless you,
      Author: Immodesty Satan’s Virtue

  2. Lisa De Ruyter Avatar
    Lisa De Ruyter

    I am very interested in knowing if you have the original prayer book “My Life in Prayer Book” that contains Father Bernard A Kunkel’s Marylike Modesty Handbook of the Purity Crusade of Mary Immaculate. I have seen many sites that contain a 90 percent of the original book. Do you sell the original copies of his handbook? My Pastor passes out this pamphlet…but we would like the entire handbook that was given the Apostalte Blessing to the Marylike Crusade( twice) by Pope Pius 12th. Here is the book we now have. Gpd bless you for all you do for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of our Mother Mary ♥ I will add you and your family to my daily rosary’s and Holy Masses through Mother Mary to Jesus
    peace be to you,
    Lisa De Ruyter

    1. Rita Davidson Avatar
      Rita Davidson

      Hello Lisa!
      Oh my goodness I haven’t forgotten about you! I did get all your phone calls as well. I have a bit of trouble finding time for the phone these days. But hopefully we will be settled soon in our new home and my new office!
      That said, you are right most of what is put out there on modesty, including Father Kunkel’s Handbook are edited to suit the person publishing it. I am working through the fire remnants we have here and will be announcing soon if we have this. Is there any reason you need the original booklet? I have not had the space or time to do it up until now, but we just found a new company that is going to help us salvage things. Thank GOD!
      Please be sure to join my email list, (on the upper right hand here) and keep up with the rebuilding of LFFA. We had extensive files on Father Kunkel and hope to salvage all we can to get LFFA rebuilt.
      YOUr prayers are MOST appreciated!
      God bless you,
      Author: Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue (2001) and more.
      Founder: Our Lady’s Martyrs of Purity Crusade© 1999

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