Our St Philomena Story!


Our St Philomena Story

by Rita Davidson

I remember it distinctly, our only van was lost, out of commission and we were without a vehicle. Living in a rural area we panicked at first, but then remembered the nice neighbor we had that offered to bring us groceries and such. Even though Mark is a great on a bike, our closest store was 35 minutes by driving and though he did bike that far a few times, it wasn’t like he could do that often.

It was a hot summer, the heat bugs often in our ears. We just waited to find the ‘right’ vehicle. Problem is the ‘right’ vehicle for us was well, impossible.

We had no money to buy anything. And that was where our story started. How long were we going to go without a vehicle? We didn’t know.

We prayed and prayed and months passed by. Patience is a virtue they say, well we sure learned some this summer. Four months passed and still nothing. Then working in my kitchen baking bread one day, I heard a distinct “KNOCK”.

It was so distinct I heard it ‘3’ times before it stopped. Not 2 or 4, but THREE. As the window looked right over our verandah I looked over. A distinct chill ran through up my spine. There was NO ONE there. I KNOW I heard three distinct knocks. I know I did. INSTANTLY, like a download in my brain, St. Philomena came to my mind and reminded me I had been praying to her! Oh I wasn’t crazy after all, I thought! 🙂

Soon after that, we found a check in the mail for our ‘van’. Just like that!

Next, as our friend was dropping off groceries she happens to say, “I seen a van for sale on this road”.

hmmmm we call up the van owner and after more prayers, some questions and a prayer to my dad (who had passed away not long before but worked in autobody, we bought it over the phone (I often thought my dad would be rolling over on this purchase) for $500.

Long story short, the van ran for years for us and Andrew just took a picture of it at our mechanics scrap-yard, still sitting there.

2014-05-26 14.31.59

We owe St. Philomena ALOT. This is not all she has done for us. I know she can do more for you too! My FAVORITE prayer to her is below. It can be said anytime and is always effective!


Just like St. Therese sends roses, our little Philomena sends knocks! So be prepared for her knocks when she answers your prayer that will give you goosebumps as it did me! I hope she blesses you as much as she has blessed us!

As many of you know we FOUND A HOUSE! BUT we now need just $10,000 more to close the deal!

I’m asking St. Philomena to  help us with this. Won’t you help us by sharing this page, and spreading the word about St. Philomena too? Your helping us will get us closer to serving you with the favorite resources you love so much!

SHARE our FUNDRAISING PAGE —> www.gofundme.com/davidsonfamilytrust

 Just $20 from 500 people will get us to our final goal!!! Will you help us? 🙂

St. Philomena, pray for us!

©Copyright 2014 Rita Davidson All Rights Reserved.

IMG_0905Rita is a Catholic wife, and mother of seven, with three autistic boys. Currently a writer, & published author, she is a former hairdresser, professional make up artist with a degree in Natural Health. She is now a Young Living Distributor. After overcoming a stroke, disabilities, and more, they recently lost everything in a devastating house fire that made them homeless for six months. She is determined to lead souls back to Christ by carrying their crosses with Joy!


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  1. Mme M Avatar
    Mme M

    Dear Rita,

    St. Philomena is a favourite with us too. My family would say a novena to her nightly for the conversion of my sisters, Rita and Philomena, who had lost their faith, and they are both back now.

    One night a couple
    years ago when the crosses were pouring in, lost a baby, leaky roof, mounting debt, furnace not working, no water, broken shower, broken toilet, my husband was asking St. Philomena for a solution to the toilet problem.
    We had six children at the time and my husband would drive them daily to Mass and to school an hour away from home and home again in the evening, and every evening he had to plunge the toilet to make the poop go down.
    My husband had a dream that St. Philomena was peaking at him and was given to understand that she would get us anything we asked for. So we said a novena to St. Philomena. On the evening of the nineth day Ben went to flush the toilet and a large popcicle stick came up.

    Blessèd be God and St. Philomena!

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