Outfit Ideas – Anatomy of an outfit

Ive been thinking about you… yes you, all you readers of my book, Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue.

I’ve really been wondering Did I write the RIGHT book? I mean so many have twisted modesty today that you may as well just forget about trying to add it to your life right?

I’ve been posting my daily outfits on social media for the last 2 or three years.. if you don’t follow me on Facebook you can always follow me on Instagram and see my TWO YEARS+ of outfit ideas. I thought it makes sense to become the example I was trying to show you, when you begin your modest journey. I mean if I couldn’t pull it off, well I sure shouldn’t be out here trying to convince you to try it? eh?!

I began doing this strangely because I was SO TIRED of seeing wrong interpretations of Catholic modesty guidelines. Did I say TIRED?

“Two fingers breadth of the throat and scarcely reaches beyond the knees”


It’s SO FRUSTRATING to see “modest” posts that include leggings as pants, and sleeveless shirts! When and where did anyone hear the Church gave us the OKAY for these? These are not part of a modest wardrobe!

Others see these guidelines as oppressive, I see them as FREEDOM!

These rules guide us to find clothing that is appropriate (the whole world needs to understand what is appropriate today eh?) but they DON’T teach us HOW to put together an outfit.

It is SO EASY to put on leggings with a tunic, or jeans and a tshirt … sure it’s all the rage but takes NO THOUGHT.

Dressing beautiful and modest takes thought to make it work. Women who are committed to modesty have outfits FAIL because they just don’t know how to put an outfit together. Sadly our mothers never taught us the basics of color or style.

I am writing more on this, but for now here is a look at one day as I create my outfit. I thought you might want to see how I put myself together most days.

Rita reading bible

I start the day reading my bible (well, I TRY most days…) while blow drying my hair. I love the noise of the dryer and how it silences all the noise in the house. ahhhh silence 🙂

Rita Davidson

Here I am hair done and ready for makeup and outfit. Sure I have great skin and I wouldn’t be afraid to go out without makeup but charity says I can do more. This look is “okay” and I’m not satisfied with just okay.  I’m a represent of the faith I love and I look more tired don’t I? As we age, make-up is important (NEEDED) to help us look fresh and awake. (just cause we are getting older doesn’t mean we are stopping the fight!) I wouldn’t dare let anyone assume I’m a “tired, homeschooling mom” wouldn’t society just love to see that! So on goes the makeup, my battle tools, which I love!

glowing foundation

Make up tip: Use a brush to apply foundation. Especially for mature skin (ahem I’m 50 now didn’t you know?)  it helps to really give you a glowing finish. My Makeup takes me all but 10 minutes out of my day. And it will really make you feel energized to get through your day. Try it!

Rita with make up on

There now that’s better – ready for whatever comes! If your not sure what make up to use, how to apply it on your mature skin, just HIT REPLY. I’ll be opening up Custom Make up Consults and demos soon. Post below or contact me if your interested. Now for outfit.

outfit ideas

My basic outfit here is:

But this is only the START. Many of you stop here when you actually need to go further with accessories to make it complete.

outfit idea

It’s like a painting… if all you do is put on the background you have not completed your picture. (can you tell I’ve been painting more? heehee 🙂

Here I have added:

  • earrings,
  • Leather Bracelet
  • a complimentary scarf and
  • long navy Duster from Walmart

Did you know most modest outfits are “dowdy” because they are not styled properly? That’s all!

Rita Davidson outfit

Here’s a closer look at my makeup with lipstick and complimentary scarf. When you get the RIGHT colors just “right” they just make you GLOW! I’m NOT kidding!

Rita Davidson outfit

Later that day I had to run out to an appointment. So I’ve added winter warmth here and I’m ready to go.

Rita Davidson praying

I pray for all your intentions on my travels!!! Always 🙂

Rita Davidson updo

Later in the day my hair was floppy, so I put my hair up..

and that’s my day at putting together a modest wintertime outfit looking modern and not dated, following those simple guidelines of “Two fingers breadth of the throat and scarcely reaches beyond the knees”.

Looking attractive without being immodest.

Do you have questions about how to put together an outfit?

How about how to shop in your own closet ?

I’ll be covering all these topics for you in upcoming posts, so send me your questions!

I can’t wait to see you LOVING modesty for how great it makes you look and feel!


Rita Davidson






With MUCH love,

Rita xxo 🙂

(C) Copyright 2019 Rita Davidson and Little Flowers Family Press All Rights Reserved.


6 responses to “Outfit Ideas – Anatomy of an outfit”

  1. Wendy Behnke Avatar
    Wendy Behnke

    Okay Rita, I’ve finally figured out your trick!
    Now I would normally look like your photo #5, but I realized in order to look amazing like your last photo I have to take a bit of extra time in the morning to do the following:
    1. Add jewelry
    2. Make-up
    3. Scarf
    4. A Rosary!!!

    1. Rita Davidson Avatar
      Rita Davidson

      Thanks Wendy!
      I had to laugh reading this – you made me smile… ?
      Yes all it takes is a few extra moments to add makeup and jewelers and scarf (especially if you keep them easy to grab!) and yes of course a rosary – but that’s never jewelry!!
      So glad this was helpful!!
      With love
      Rita ♥️
      Author Immodesty Satan’s Virtue

  2. Caroline Cerise Avatar
    Caroline Cerise

    You look lovely! I love pink in almost any form;)

    1. Rita Davidson Avatar
      Rita Davidson

      Me too!!
      Thanks so much ??
      Author of Immodesty Satan’s Virtue

  3. Renee Avatar

    Rita, I was wondering over on Instagram can you do a live Rosary, I would love to say the Rosary with you 🙂

    Blessings, Renee

    1. Rita Davidson Avatar
      Rita Davidson

      Aww thanks Renee
      That’s sweet if you! I’m not sure I could get through a whole rosary … but I’ll keep it in mind ! Be sure to say “hi” over there so I know who you are!!
      God bless you
      Author of Immodesty Satan’s Virtue

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