OOPS – Pre-sale Extended until October 2nd for Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue

OOPS did you get this SOLD OUT message too?

OOPS, I had no idea our cart went bizerko yesterday. It doesn’t surprise me after the day we had. (see below) I apologize if you had trouble placing an order yesterday that looked like this:



Seems quite a few of you were dissapointed that you couldn’t check out, and I don’t blame you one bit, I would be too. So I’m going to

EXTEND our pre-sale! YAY! (it’s the least we can do).

Just picking up these books yesterday was filled with strife…from general meltdowns in our house, to some painful bad news we had, then to the ROAD to our printer BEING CLOSED. It seems as if hell itself was out to make our day miserable and keep these books from getting out.
 I mean I can’t make this stuff up!
After some frantic St Michael prayers and Hail Mary’s (both great when diabolical trouble are around). I finally got them picked up and couldn’t wait to share on my Facebook page.
But just LOOK at these beauties, FIRST COPIES of “Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue”!
I didn’t waste any time and got some LATE NIGHT shipping done on the Feast of St Michael!
Can I send you one? I’m packing up daily now and will be LIVE in my Facebook page signing books, so be sure to drop by there if you are on Facebook!
In the meantime, click here to grab YOUR copy and get added to my FREE 30 Day Study group!
Extended 3 more days ONLY to October 2nd, Feast of St Therese!

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