Remember Eggs for supper ?

Happy Saturday my friends… it’s eggs for lunch here… I remember growing up having eggs for Friday supper do you?

But dipping sunny side up eggs it hit me today… reminding me of a precious memory of my mom making me my favorite eggs.

She used to tease me anytime she made some perfect sunny side up eggs because she knew I would be the first to dip and steal her yolks.

She never complained noooo she would just laugh as I ate most of her plate and left her some mangled whites. Even as I got older she would entice me (now and again) and I would indulge. I think deep down she just loved me so much, there was no greediness in her, just a heart full of love for me.

Fast forward to how I am now her caretaker this is something I miss, those precious moments….something that makes the transition so bittersweet.

The path is always the same, your born, your a teen, you get married have a family then watch your children grow and leave (sometimes forever !) and eventually take care of your own parents. You’re just switching places. The circle of life they call it. I call it a mother’s martyrdom.

Some days are awfully hard… so it’s good to keep looking up and not getting stuck in the day to day details…

The world keeps moving and time stands still for no one. We are but players on a stage waiting our turn and then the end of the play arrives. Will we succeed in making our final hurrah in our play? Our final entrance into heaven ? It’s a beautiful, bittersweet story this thing called LIFE. Let’s not waste a moment.

It’s been a unbelievable lent for us… just one cross after another… how is your lent going?

With love

Rita Xxo

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