Rita’s Custom Make up Consult

Rita Davidson Custom makeup consultRita’s Custom Make-up Consults

for Catholic Women

Struggling to find make up that looks good?

Tired of looking like a racoon instead of refreshed and alive?

Scared of make up since you turned 40?

Is your skin is not what it once was?

Maybe your younger and have no idea how to start with make up ?


Maybe your too embarrassed to try it, in case you look terrible?

 I can help!

Bring me your current make-up, and your make up questions and let’s sit down to a private chat just you and me.

Let’s fix your make-up issues and get you looking wide awake and bright eyed again. 🙂 Your beautiful modest self deserves it.

What you will get:

  • 1 Hour Custom Make up Consult with Demo if needed
  • Includes recommended products


Once sold out will have to wait for more spots to open




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