Rita’s Custom Skin Care Consult

Are you frustrated with dull, lifeless skin ? Would you like to look refreshed and youthful again at 50?

Do you wish you had GOOD skin so you could wear LESS make up?

Or maybe your looking for skincare products that are safe, effective(!!) for your mature skin, and affordable on a limited budget?

Or perhaps age has caught up with you and those sun spots and wrinkles are starting to take over?  Maybe you gave up figuring it out and decided it’s just part of aging…

Would you like a Custom Skin Care Consult?


Well let me tell you…some of these things are NOT a NORMAL part of aging at all.


Hi, I’m Rita and I became a Cosmetologist and a Licensed Make up Artist when I was 18 years old.  When I was 20, and 30 I didn’t care much about aging at all…until 40 hit.. It was then I REALLY seen changes in my skin that I WASN’T happy with…(of course that’s when it shows up!) so I spent the next 10 years meditating, giving up and meditating.. Then I began researching aging and skin care for what I can do to look my BEST as I age. And I continue researching this area adding to my knowledge.



This year I turned 50.  yup the BIG 5-0 and my skin is better today then it was 10-15 years ago. Even after suffering Bells Palsy with my Lyme Disease and still have partial paralysis… I am happier with my skin today. In fact, I get questions like this all the time;

What skin care line do you use?

What can you do for creepy skin and age spots?

How can I switch to skincare products without toxins & potentially hazardous ingredients?


 Rita’s Custom Skin Care Consults are here!

Are you tired of all those beauty bloggers so full of impurity but would love to good beauty advice aligned with your faith and morals?

Now you can join me on a Private call to discuss your Skin care needs and concerns! I will give you my best recommendations to help your skin glow and look it’s best for your age. I can’t WAIT to see you on the Call! 🙂


from Deborah,

“Thank you so much Rita…I like that you named different names and links to products..that’s awesome. Little hints and tips …depending on the needs on the skin… just some very practical tips…”

What you will get:

  • 1 Hour Video Consult with Rita
  • 1 30 Min follow up in one month to assess how it’s working
  • PDF notes from our conversation and the products I recommend
  • Recording available to you to download and keep after.


All you need

  • is a computer or mobile phone
  • and a good light
  • and of course a pen and paper too.

REG. $97




    I can't wait to SERVE YOU and help you look your beautiful BEST!           With love, Rita 🙂   ©Copyright 2018 Rita Davidson & Little Flowers Family Press  All Rights Reserved.