Rita’s Modest Fashion Week 5

Hey my friends!

Happy July 1st and July 4th to my readers! We didn’t do much at all, I know some of you did something… it’s all past now and onward forward. I’ve had some fun with these weekly recap posts for you. I DO hope your enjoying them too? DO please be sure to let me know your favorite day, comment or let me know someone out there is alive and actually READING my blog. haha  You know us writers crave READERS…just to know someone is out there hanging on our every word… the joy of being a writer is knowing your writing is actually in some way helpful to someone out there. So be sure to start a conversation below okay? I promise to come out with some more writing in between my life, laundry, cooking, and enjoying the nice weather…

MONDAY July 3rd

Whew – you cannot tell how exhausted I am from working in my front garden all morning… ??thankfully. LOL But this shift dress maxi dress from @penningtons is soooo comfy it became a quick favorite! This picture does not do it justice with the beautiful brown hues. I paired it with a @halftee shirt and it’s so loose and cool I could t be happier. Who says you can’t garden in a DRESS?! ???????#realcatholicbeauty #ootd #plussizemodel #plussizefashion #realcatholicmodesty #ootd #imageconsultant #fashionandfaith #modestfashionblogger #modestfashion #modestootd



Whew it’s warming up FAST! I’m wearing my favorite maxi dress from @walmart (don’t tell me you can’t afford @Walmart ladies!) ? paired with a @penningtons open shirt in pink. Dressing nice honors both our family and God who resides in us. For some it takes learning, others it’s a sacrifice as it’s easier to stay drab, then there are those who have found it’s a blessing in disguise! Let’s be beautiful for HIM Ladies! ????✔️?#realcatholicbeauty #makeupartist #ootd #catholic #realcatholicmodesty #modestfashion #modestootd #modestfashionblogger #imageconsultant #christianimageconsultant

Later that same day….

Prayers Please! I need to vent! I’m so utterly frustrated… fighting for my Mothers care plan. This country NO LONGER values the elderly it’s frightening. Just read about an elderly man with dementia, punched in the face 11 times at a nursing home near us, caught on video. While here I am driving my mom with dementia; to a dementia program who wants to discharge her. Why? Oh I guess she is too much care! I’ve taken care of my elderly mother with dementia only because of the supports in place to help. Now the one program we have to help is fighting me. Why? Heaven help us! They nearly discharged her last year until I made them see how they could make it work. Where are all the programs to help keep dementia patients with families instead of in institutions where they are vulnerable to uncaring people and taken care of like cattle? I’m so angry at a system that is so broken that they can’t see the forest for the trees. A system so broken they serve their bottom line instead of the lives of the elderly that deserve respect and dignity for their last days. These people had lives. They were wives and mothers, sisters and brothers, daughters and sons. Teachers and nurses, caretakers and singers.. all of these people with dementia are only a shell of what they used to be and the world wants to discard them like yesterday’s newspaper. Pray I can make some progress for my moms care. Our parents deserve our best, cause they gave us their all. Thanks for letting me vent my friends…. ???#dementia #iowemymom #dementiaawareness



Yes it’s suppertime and yes this is my outfit of the day. My @penningtons maxi dress that is ohhhhh dreamy! This pic doesn’t give the delicate colors what they deserve… how was your post July 4th day today? After a stressful day of meetings I’m thankful to be outside! ?✔️????#realcatholicbeauty #realcatholicmodesty #ootd #modestootd #modestfashion #modestfashionblogger #imageconsultant #christianimageconsultant



You should see my bloopers from this pic today! Oh my goodness! If it wasn’t the wind, it was my hair… crazy picture day! Anyhow I picked up this amazing skirt yesterday. It’s @lanebryant paired with my @penningtons top (that my husband SHRUNK in the dryer yesterday! EEk) as much as you might think my outfits cost a lot this was a total of $35! When you commit to modesty – God will provide a way! ??????#realcatholicbeauty #realcatholicmodesty #ootd #modestootd #modestfashion #modestfashionblogger #imageconsultant #christianimageconsultant #jamberrynails








YESTERDAYS laundry undone -UGH – washer has been giving us trouble and now decided to GIVE up its soul. Lol so back to hand-washing until we can find a new washer! We spent five years hand-washing once, now with 4 boys and a mom with dementia it’s needed more than ever. PRAY we can find one soon! One of those days…??☕️☕️☕️#oneofthosedays #dementiaawareness #seniorsdeservebetter #lifeofawriter


Woohoo! Off to look for a washer.. my outfit today is practical. A shorter denim skirt (can’t remember the name!) and @gianttigerstore top with a red @halftee ! It’s a gorgeous 71F and 78F humidity with breezes. Wish me LUCK! Haha ??????#ootd #realcatholicbeauty #realcatholicmodesty #modestootd #modestfashion #modestfashionblogger #imageconsultant #plussize #plussizemodel #plussizefashion

Later that same day……

Lookie lookie what I found?!? A WASHER!! Another used store has offered to help us rebuild/repair this house because of our fire so when we needed a washer they offered us this for just $50!woohoo PRAISE GOD! We have a washer! ???#davidsonfamilytrust

There you have it! Another week of Modest fashion for you from my closet…as you can read my life is often full of surprise crosses…so your prayers are always appreciated. May my life be a source of wind under your wings…
My Monday posts are to show modesty is not expensive, it doesn’t take  weird apparatus under your skirts to make it work. The devil would LOVE to TRICK you to think this is HARD. Its only when your brave enough to take the HARD road will God show you a NEW door with NEW blessings behind it! So what are you waiting for?  Do you believe you can be modest AND beautiful? Do you feel GUILTY or TROUBLED by wanting to be beautiful? Are you confused about make up, perfume, fashion, doing your nails and modesty?  Are you disheartened by the immodesty in your parish, your family and the confusion in the Church. Then join the wait list for the opening of Our Lady’s Crusade HERE
Can’t wait to have you join me in there!
With much love,
Rita xxo

I help Catholic women discover beauty in modesty – Beauty is my love language. Do you have trouble putting together outfits? Have a hard time picking out clothes? Tired of either spending too much money on stuff you don’t wear or not having the money to wear what you want? Contact me on my  Contact page HERE and I’ll be happy to set up a Consultation with you. I LOVE to help Catholic moms look their best, on a budget, without stress!


Rita is a Catholic wife, and mother of seven, with three autistic boys. Author, of “Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue” (2001) and speaker, she has a PASSION for making #realcatholicmodesty understood. She is a licensed Hairdresser, and Make Up Pro, Certified Christian Image Stylist. With a degree in Natural Health she enjoys essential oils & Jamberry Nail Wraps. She enjoys making people smile and sharing God’s love with anyone who will listen. After overcoming a stroke, disabilities, they lost everything in a devastating house fire that made them homeless for six months. She is determined to lead souls back to Christ by finding the #realcatholicbeauty in their lives by carrying their cross with JOY!

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