RITA’s MOVIE REVIEW: 90 Minutes in Heaven


RITA’s MOVIE REVIEW: 90 Minutes in Heaven

By Rita Davidson


I’m so amazed at the stories coming out of the Christian Film movement. There has never been a time when TRUTH is more needed to reach the masses. Today more and more people are out of touch with what the purpose of their life is.

90 Minutes in Heaven fills a need today to bring us up to the ONE BIG TRUTH we all need to face:

ONE DAY we are ALL going to DIE. How are we going to LIVE?

It starts out with an opening scene with gospel songs playing while Pastor Don Piper drives and a take away glimpse of a manuscript or something, titled; I Believe in a GREAT GOD.

A quick scene of the accident and then it flashes back to that early morning to set up the story with his family.

I found it a little slow starting. Some characters are a little hard to ‘believe’ at first. I didn’t do a lot of reading about this story at the start, which is how most are going to see this when they see it at the theatres.

Without giving away all the story once the accident happens, you get a glimpse of some of the heartache that happens when a tragedy this big happens.

I found it hard to understand the difficulties of why his wife, Eva, had to send their kids away, and keep working, because living in Canada I can’t understand how the US medical system works. SO this could have been fleshed out a bit more to fill in this part of the story.

Often when tragedy happens, such as the Pastor Don’s injury, it’s not in isolation. There are all these after effects surrounding it that add to the difficulty of recovering. Much like our house fire. Most were moved by our fire, but had no idea we also lost our only vehicle when it melted in the fire, and my purse and all our Identification that were lost in the fire. So our first month, we couldn’t drive or do anything on our own. And it took over a year to get back our identification.

I think this story was trying to bring forth the Pastor Don’s story and the internal turmoil he was left with. If this story followed the real story, I think we are only getting a glimpse of how dark those days were for him and the family.

The first 75% of the movie was setting up the story, and the accident. But his overwhelming brooding, silence, and self-pity made this part of the movie almost loathsome to watch. Don’t get me wrong it was worth watching, made easier knowing there was an ending coming.

This was a good example of pride and how terrible it blinds us to ourselves. How unattractive sin is in people. How self-pity shuts us off from the grace that God sends to heal us during difficult times.

On the other side, it also was a good example of a faithful soul who is struck with tragedy and how it shatters their faith despite their strong faith. We are all at risk at losing our faith at any moment simply because we can never know if God will send us a cross, bigger than we were prepared for.

For women: I think this would have been an amazing story written from Eva’s point of view too. You get just a hint at her tremendous faith, perseverance and TRUST to just keeping going and fighting for her husband. I think we would have witnessed the amazing woman hidden behind the man. Much like Our Lady with the Holy Family was.

Some notes for Catholics:

This was a Baptist Minister and family. His view of heaven might not be Catholic but I didn’t see anything particularly unsettling for us. It was clean and modest throughout the movie.

Overall the story itself was a good reminder to us of the thanks we owe to God each day and how important that last moment of our lives will ultimately be.

It opens in Theaters Friday, September 11th, 2015 – View the Trailer and Check the listings for your area HERE: http://90minutesinheaventhemovie.com

I HOPE you will go see it and come back here and tell me how YOU liked it?

With love,

Rita xo 🙂

Rita summer 2015Rita is a Catholic wife, and mother of seven, with three autistic boys.  Author, of “Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue” (2001) and speaker, she has a PASSION for making #realcatholicmodesty understood. She is a licensed Hairdresser, and Make Up Pro with a degree in Natural Health who enjoys essential oils. She enjoys making people smile and sharing God’s love with anyone who will listen. After overcoming a stroke, disabilities, they lost everything in a devastating house fire that made them homeless for six months. She is determined to lead souls back to Christ by finding the #realcatholicbeauty in their lives by carrying their crosses with Joy!
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