Catholic Modesty

Sneak Peak – The Modest Lectures – Behind the scenes


Catholic Modesty

Sooo exciting … here’s a sneak peak for you, of the upcoming “Catholic Modesty Lectures” ✝️ that starts Monday!!!

WHAT? You DON’T have a seat?? 🙂

(contact me and let me know why?)

What? You say ? You don’t like growing in your faith or growing in virtue ? ?
Ohhh ? you have NO plans to become a saint ?! ?
Your just sailing through this life…
Oh well then your excused… this class I’m teaching is not for you. ? But I’m so sad ? – Did you not see the promises of Our Lord ? ♥️
Oh He drives a hard ♥️ bargain – ✝️ “pick up your Cross and follow me” and “If you love Me, keep my commandments”.✝️♥️
So if you’ve decided to pick up your Cross and Follow Him… then be sure to buy your seat in “The Modesty Lectures” your soul depends on it ! ✝️?♥️

  • Are you on the fence about modesty?
  • Or maybe curious how is it possible to wear skirts daily –
  • Tired of all the confusion out there…what is modest? what did Padre Pio really say?

If you answered yes to even one, You MUST get seat on this first ever “Catholic Modesty Lectures”

A little birdy told me, there are a few of surprises coming too… 🙂

Purchase your seat before it’s too late. (You cannot purchase it after we start on Monday!)

Grab a comfy corner, a book and some pens and join us as we geek out on Catholic Modesty in the 21st Century together !

Modesty Lectures

Just a sneak peak at some of the lessons we will go over together…Can’t wait to show you what 20 years of living a modest lifestyle has done for me.. and what it can do for you!! ?

It’s time to sit down, grab a warm cup and settle in for 6 weeks of learning about this most maligned virtue – that can change your life! ??✝️?♥️
Join below ! Class starts Monday !!! ?

Click image below! or here.

The Modesty Lectures



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Whats stopping you?


With MUCH love,

Rita xxo


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