Social media for the Glory of God

How to use Social Media for the Glory of God

Are you praying about what to do about social media ?

I’ve been thinking about this lately…how much of our lives are taken up with our cellphones ? Scrolling through Facebook or Instagram and forgetting the time passed? We live during a time like no other, where we have to learn to control social media to see our distant families or just feel less lonely. Is it truly a LOVE/HATE relationship for you?

Did you give up Facebook for Lent perhaps as a penance because you enjoy it so much? 

 What is the right attitude for Catholics about Social Media?

We live in a world that is vastly different than when you and I grew up. I am not THAT OLD haha 🙂  but I remember growing up sitting on my swing for HOURS and bouncing a ball in my backyard for HOURS… oh and I can never forget all those lazy hours just curled up with a book and getting lost in it. ohhh those are happy memories for me.

Today our children are lost in digital devices, they are more excited about cooking in a virtual kitchen than they are about doing real dishes in our kitchens! Sadly we ALL agree that hobbies from the past are being lost by our children today. A very sad reality.

Priests are warning of the dangers of the internet from the pulpit in Sunday Sermons… there is an epidemic of impurity raging today….this time will one day be remembered by how many souls were lost by pornography online.

For some, social media may seem an innocent thing….after all we just go on there to see our grandkids, to get headlines from different sources all in one place and to see the Catholic prayers we like…

But many are really losing track of time online to the detriment of other things. …. hobbies are being forgotten because of all the time spent on social media. Moms are stressed out by the time spent online and then all the tasks they didn’t get time to complete. To be honest, many consider deleting facebook or just not checking it for Lent….

Are you guilty?


Then Lent comes and that dreaded decision, Should I give up facebook for lent?

What should you do about social media  ?


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HOW to use Social Media for the Glory of God

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