Beautiful Modest You

Something has to change in the world

Everyday the news gets darker. This virus has taken away the Sacraments around the world. We thought it would never happen in our lifetime but it did. Our Lord promised us, “I will be with you, even unto the end of the world.”
So where did He go?
I like to think of it as when Jesus was arrested. He was taken away from the world then, just as He has been taken away from us now.
Let’s never think that what we are living through doesn’t somehow resemble our Lords’ life. In fact it ALWAYS matches our Lords’ life. We just can’t see it.
So many can’t see it. SO many are caught up in the lies of the world and can no longer see or hear God’s voice.  They no longer care that He is insulted daily. They no longer care the scandals rocking the Church. They no longer care that His saints statues are being desecrated by a world that despises what they do not know.
Something in the world has to change;
but it’s not the police, it’s not your diet, it’s not the weather, it’s a woman’s  heart for modesty… it’s YOU.
It’s been 20+ years since I wore pants – yes that long ladies – and let me say ill never go back. EVER ??
Beautiful Modest you - Rita Davidson
? For one,  I have way to much fun wearing skirts? ??
? and for an ugly duckling like me,  I look far more beautiful in a skirt than I could EVER LOOK IN PANTS. ? ?
? Lastly, I believe that women can change the world by wearing skirts ??
Yes you heard me right. Women can change the world by wearing skirts.  Think I’m crazy? ? Maybe so, but you’ll have to join me in my upcoming “Catholic Modesty Lectures”to find out. There I’ll show you why I was right 20 years ago in my book, and I’m still right 20 years later… (not me of course, the message silly. ) 🙂
—> buy your seat now – it starts Monday!
Think you can’t wear a skirt everyday? ?
You just haven’t tried hard enough! ??
He is waiting….?✝️♥️
 Let’s CHANGE the WORLD together!
Join us!

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With MUCH love,

Rita xxo


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