Sooo many prayers …

So many prayers…. we all need them. And I’m saying mine for all your needs. ??

Don’t think that your needs are unique. While we all carry such different crosses rest assured that there are others with your cross. Those suffering anxieties and depression, you will find comfort to know thousands suffer the same. ??

Those with a loved one that has passed on, you will find solace knowing others suffer these losses too. ?

You see sometimes our crosses amaze us how could God do this to us? When really half the world is suffering the same or worse than us. That is why knowing someone who has suffered more than us helps us put our own cross in perspective and find it’s not so heavy as we thought. So have courage my friends!

This too shall pass is a great comfort when we have sorrows.. our life will soon be over and all that matters is that we fought the good race, and loved God with all our hearts and minds. Love you ????#crosses #prayers #rosary #beautyaddict #beautyblogger

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