St Therese Feast Day is Monday, Oct 3rd – still time to grab a book!

OOPS, again…wouldn’t you know it I didn’t check before I said the sale was extended to St Therese Feast day… But looking at my Calendar I can clearly see it’s October 3rd. That means you now have until MONDAY, October 3rd, to grab a book. After that we are ending the sale so we can begin the 30 day Study Group for all those who purchased a book! I’m so excited to begin this!

Some of you are having St Therese Feast day today (in the new Calendar). We follow the Traditional Calendar, either way happy Feast Day of St Therese to us all ! 😉
  She is one of our favorite Saints…as many of you know we named our company after her back in 1996 – “Little Flowers Family Press”. She is one of our patrons and very special to our family.
  What many might not know is we also named our company “Little Flowers” after the many roses that are sent to Our Lady’s feet with every Hail Mary of the Rosary.
So October is a special month for us indeed. Not only is it St Therese’s Feast day, patron of our company, it is also the Month of the Holy Rosary. And this October is also the 100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima and that is the highlight of this month! 
  After all the tremendous delays, that makes me terribly sorry to have you all wait, it is as if Our Lady just wanted it all to come together for my book, “Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue”, that is dedicated to her. 
 Rest assured each day I am packing up more of these books and will be waiting to hear news of who gets theirs first. Do be patient now that we are in the very last stretch!

There’s still time to grab YOUR copy and get added to my FREE 30 Day Study group!

Click the book below!

Then join me LIVE on my Facebook page where I will be signing books, (I might even sign YOURS) 🙂 drop by if you can!

 Expires, Monday, October 3rd, Feast of St Therese!



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