Beautifully Modest YOU – Styling Appt

Beautifully Modest YOU – Styling appointments


What’s holding you back from your beautifully modest self?



Do you feel awkward and out of place in your modest clothing?

Are you tired of being frumpy and uncomfortable in how you look?


Maybe you just gave up and went back to jeans and t-shirts but still feel miserable, unattractive and guilty because you know what you SHOULD be wearing but you just CAN’T make beautiful modesty work?


Beautifully Modest You – Styling appointments are here!


Modesty was not meant to be unattractive.

Gone are the days of denim jumpers. <shudder>

Modesty has never been more accessible and yet so much harder to implement.


Join me for a Beautifully Modest You – Styling appointment


Let me help you find your beautiful modest self so you can blossom into the Queen of your home and leave a legacy of beauty for your family.

In our – 3 – one hour each appointment we will cover:


  • – Find out your Body Type and how it can help you dress more attractively
  • – Find out your Style Personality and how guide you from feeling blah to beautiful
  • – Find out your custom Body Frame analysis so you can choose the right accessories for you
  • – Learn how to style your skirts to look attractive
  • – Learn how to wear today’s styles modestly
    • and so much more….


Join me for your Beautifully Modest You – Styling appointment


“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”

 Proverbs 31:25


Your feminine beauty matters!

It matters for your family. It matters for your daughters. It matters for your husband!

It matters for YOU!


What you need:

  • an internet connection
  • sitting in front of a window for light
  • notebook, paper and pens and pencils
  • Your favorite drink 🙂

What you will get:

  • 3 – One hour appointments, each covering one aspect of your personal style
  • PDF Handouts to take with you:
    • Your Custom Style tips
    • Your Personality Style
    • Your Custom Frame Analysis


I can’t WAIT to see you blossom into your beautiful modest self!


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