Taking down the tree….

Awww it’s that time again….taking down the tree…. *sniff *sniff

Here’s an update with me and my sidekick Liam….(he’s being silly as usual) and just some updates from me… Everyone on my Facebook wanted to know if we have a real tree so I was showing them it was real.

This was especially for those not on Facebook (waaaaa I MISS you there…!) I hope you’ll enjoy this glimpse our day?


When did you take down your tree? It’s getting sooo close to Lent now isn’t it? This is a good update to see how my face is still paralyzed too. Slow progress I’m making….some days are very frustrating…but patience is a virtue they say. lol Enjoy! 🙂

With love,
Rita xxo 🙂



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One response to “Taking down the tree….”

  1. Jacinta Avatar

    Ohhh! I have that creche! 😀

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