How to Teach your Children Modesty


“How to Teach your Children Modesty”

and SAVE them from Impurity


with bestselling author Rita Davidson,

author of Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue (2001, 2003, 2017)

Exact steps you can use to teach your young children about

modesty and save your older children from impurity.


Dear concerned Mothers and grandmothers,

My heart breaks for the families that come to me with when they have lost their children to the world because of impurity. I know how they feel since I’ve lost three of my own to the world as well.

A recent survey I sent out showed, 58% of mothers had lost a child from the faith because of impurity.

Chances are your children will be taken by impurity if the right steps are not taken NOW because of the world we live in today.

Mothers are heartbroken and exhausted from worry about their children and the influences coming in from society today.

Just look at the new video’s of Planned Parenthood baby parts scandal that are going viral. Unspeakable horrors are now being unveiled so the world can see the evils that have been right under our noses.

3 million babies are killed every YEAR in the USA and 100,000 a year in Canada.

HOW can we have descended into such BARBARISM in a country so rich in resources?


Our Lady of Fatima said, “the most souls fall to hell from sins of the flesh, than any other sin”. Is it any wonder why our world is being destroyed by impurity?

As I dug into new research for the 3rd Edition of Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue (2017) I uncovered some dramatic new research I have been sharing in my new course “The Modesty Lectures 2020”.

But, the topic of Modesty for Children is near and dear to my heart. Over the past  20 years I have researched this subject and suffered even the loss of our house to bring this message to the world in my book. Since our fire, I have taken more time to study and research trends in the Church and society all to prepare for the new release of my book.

If you have reverent, respectful and modest young children and see this as no threat to your family think again.

Statistics show that over 28 % of the abortions every year are done by CATHOLICS!

No family is safe without the knowledge needed to teach real catholic modesty to your children.

Class Whoisthisfor

*Mothers with young children

*Mothers with children of all ages

*Grandmothers worried about their grandchildren

*Mothers worried for their future children

*Mothers who are not willing to sacrifice their children’s purity

*Mothers who are willing to fight for their children’s purity

*Mothers who are exhausted by materials that didn’t work to save their children from impurity

*Mothers not satisfied with the modesty groups and blogs available online

*Mothers needing ideas to keep their children pure

…and any other Mother or Grandmother seriously wanting to help their children with modesty

Learn with me!

 Class Whatwill youlearn


*Introduction to Modesty for 0 to 18

*Guidelines for Modesty and Why?

*How to dress little girls modestly

*How boys need to be modest too

*Little known habits that will snowball as they grow

*Ages to teach about modesty and when to be quiet

*What to do when your spouse is not on board

*What to do for curious teens

*What you can do for your grandchildren who are lost in impurity

*What to do when in laws all think your crazy

*What to do when your teens start slipping into impurity

and much more


“How to Teach Your Children Modesty”


with bestselling author Rita Davidson,

author of Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue (2001, 2003, 2017))



And much more!

CLASS was originally given on September 8th, Feast of the Nativity of Our Lady!




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