The “Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue” book COVER contest!


The “Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue” book COVER contest!

 is HERE!

HELP me decide on the BEST cover for the 3rd Edition of “Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue”!


December 8th is coming up fast and I’m feverishly working to get this book done for you all. I created SO many covers but I can’t use them all! SO I narrowed it down to these FOUR, but NOW I need help to find a BRAND new cover on this much anticipated book that was saved from the ashes of our fire.

  • For those that have read the 1st or 2nd Edition, what Cover best describes the content you remember?
  • For those that haven’t read it, what Cover would you MOST like to see when you get your copy in the mail?
  • For those not familiar with this book, find out everything you can about it HERE. Then come back here to vote!

Book Cover 1  | Book Cover 2  |  Book Cover 3  | Book Cover 4

See them all below. Of course these are just drafts but they give you an idea of my design ideas.

Book Cover 1: is a beautiful old image of Our Lady, resembling Beauty, just as Our Lady would be.

Book Cover 2: is a visual example of the dangers Immodesty is to our souls when we put vanity above modesty.

Book Cover 3: is Our Lord’s Sacred Heart and how He pleads with us for modesty.

Book Cover 4: is Our Lady of Fatima and  how she requested modesty at Fatima, saying the “souls that fall most to hell are from sins of the flesh”.

Now you can place YOUR VOTE below!

I love ALL these covers, but there can only be ONE cover, so help me choose the BEST cover for this book.

POLL closes December 8th when the NEW COVER will be revealed!

HURRY and get YOUR VOTE in so you don’t get the cover you HATE! 🙂

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With love,

Rita xo 🙂