Catholic Modesty

The Modesty Lectures

Are you struggling with Catholic modesty ?

Do you admire women who wear exclusively skirts and dresses, but then life happens and those jeans and t-shirts look awfully attractive again… is this you?

I hear you… and I’m here to tell you I’m not judging you either.

I really want to help. I feel like I failed YOU my reader. I wrote this book in 1999 … you know the story…. Many of you went on to embrace modesty and then in time, went in the complete opposite direction.

I THOUGHT the book was enough for everyone to move forward? But now I hear stories about:

  • families that failed.

  • Daughters came back as unwed mothers.

  • Husbands got tired of their blah looking wives and …. LEFT !

  • and Moms can’t get past the frustration from losing their sense of style.

My heart breaks for you all.

I put my heart and soul into that book, (except the kitchen sink. LOL) but it wasn’t enough. Because modesty is not black and white, as some like to think. And we can’t travel this journey alone. Living in a world so foreign to the Catholic faith and morals, we must find support. Just like when dieting you need the support of your diet plan, your family on board, overeaters, and a coach… these are the tools of diet success.

I want to give you the tools of success for beautiful modesty. You will rarely succeed when you are doing this on your own. Why? Because you have the whole world against you!

MODESTY AFFECTS you in more ways than you know. In 20+ years of researching modesty I now understand why wearing only skirts/dresses is REALLY HARD. And many can’t see how to make it practically work for this time we are living. So many are talk about it now, but no one is telling you HOW to practically make it work.

That’s because we are dealing with a multi-faceted issue.

Modesty is:



THIS is just some of the brand new research I have never released – now included in “The Modesty Lectures”. Where are you stuck? JOIN US BELOW to find out!

With this new research I uncovered areas that women get stuck and can’t move forward. They could be stuck for years even a LIFETIME – not knowing the tools for success that could get them unstuck. With “The Modesty Lectures” I share this research to give you the a step by step plan to move forward to find your beautiful modest self!

On the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, May 13th, 2020 I launched a brand new class I taught in her honor….


Mastering Modesty

the step by step path to find your beautiful modesty self

A 10 Week Course – an indepth lecture study of Catholic Modesty in the 21st century

Join us now!

(Limited seats – this will be a small group so we can have more conversations and get you the help you need!)


Based on my book and 20+ years of research, I can’t WAIT to share it with you!

In this 10 week course we will study my book,  “Immodesty, Satans Virtue” and expose the obstacles that are stopping you from finding your beautifully modest self. Where are you getting stuck? How can you get yourself unstuck?

 JOIN US below!

Just some of the topics we will cover:

  • The disappearance of Catholic Womanhood

  • Why Catholic Modesty is really so hard

  • The History of the last 100 years and how it applies to todays events

  • Why your family needs you to stand up for them with your beautiful modest self

  • Why modesty is right even if our family doesn’t agree

  • Catholic Facts – does the Church have a standard?

  • Catholic Facts – what about pants?

  • The steps you need to take to find your beautiful modest self

  • Where are you stuck? And how can you move forward

  • Tools for success: Knowing your Best Colors, Your Body Type, Your Style Personality and how those tools are not a luxury that we once thought when our families are in the balance.

  • How your beautiful modest self will leave a legacy of beauty for your family

  •  and so much more! Come join us learn eye opening topics to refresh your soul!

Limited seats!


From the comfort of your own computer  – lets come together to study this amazing topic. This is the first most complete course available on Catholic Modesty today.

Come let me give you the step by step plan for your beautiful modest self!

Class Begins: Wednesday, January 13th, 2021 (This class will not be sold until it opens again) You must purchase now even if you can’t attend now.

Class Ends: March 31, 2021

  • WEEK ONE: Mastering the Mind. (A look at all the obstacles that keep us stuck)

The Modesty Lectures Module 1

  • WEEK TWO: Mastering Feelings and Fashion (a 100 Year Timeline of Fashion and Feelings)

  • WEEK THREE: Mastering the Spiritual (Virtue & Vice and Vanity)

  • WEEK FOUR: Mastering Social  (Modesty beyond the dress)

The Modesty Lectures

  • WEEK FIVE:Mastering a Beautiful Modest life (How to put it all together)

Each Week:

  • Mondays – every second Monday – a new class is delivered to your email inbox with a full recap of the week. There are two weeks to get through each Module.

  • Thursdays each week for LIVE Q & A with me. You get two LIVE Q & A’s per module!

There is an optional private Facebook group. (but you can get all the classes and Q & A if your not on Facebook!)



A. YES. This will be recorded and available only for those who purchase before course starts.

Q. I would like to attend?

A. GREAT! Be sure to purchase a ticket – if you purchase before January 10th – you will get my BONUS CLASS “What does Real Catholic Modesty Look like?” FOR FREE! (Value $97 ) Purchase below!

Q. How do they work? Do you send me a link and it’s like a live Zoom meeting?

One Class per week is pre-recorded so it’s a teaching lesson. Bring a good notebook and pens and make notes.
Then Thursdays we have a live q&a yes in zoom where everyone can bring questions.

Also we will have a Facebook group as well where I will be there daily to answer questions too.

Q. I know I signed up late, I hope there’s still room?

Your not late at all!!!!

I’m so glad your joining us !!!!!!
I’ll be sending out details soon for the bonus class as well as the class login.

Q. Will the recorded sessions be available for us late signers?

Yes, all sessions are recorded to watch later. But only for those that purchase before January 10th, 2021 – it will not be resold after.

Q. And…do you have to have the book? I had a copy but gave it away years ago.

And if you don’t have my new book – you can still get it but you don’t need it for this class – a little birdie told me if you wait there might be a sale on it… ! 🙂

Q. I would like to attend?

A. GREAT! Be sure to purchase a ticket – if you purchase before January 10th – you will get my BONUS CLASS “What does Real Catholic Modesty Look like?” FOR FREE! (Value $97 ) Purchase now!

DeAnna writes:
    “So looking forward to this and I know that you’ll do an outstanding job Rita!! Rita’s book on modesty is excellent ! I highly recommend you getting a copy to read it!”

Just some of the comments from the The Modesty Lectures – Class 2020:

“Hi Rita, I’m absolutely loving the course. Its really helping me to understand modesty and also the importance of beautiful modesty. To go beyond the drab. “

“…God calls lay women to be a good example to others in the world. By dressing with modest and colorful styles, we show the world that being a Catholic is beautiful.”

“Growing up I bought the feminist lie that make up and pretty dresses were to be avoided. I went to college to be an attorney. Life got in the way and sent me on a tailspin into…Catholicism. I went from feminist no make up, no pretty clothes to Catholic no make up and drab skirts to wear just because they were skirts. I felt it didn’t matter what they looked like.”

“Color and style are a boost to one’s self confidence and help others to see the beauty in God’s creation (you) as well as seeing that loving God does not make a lay person look like a hermit.”

“Color and Style are not a luxury but a necessity for (Catholic) women. It saves time and money if a woman knows how to dress for her body type, coloring and style personality. It saves money from not wastefully buying clothes that will never get worn…it can take a long time to put together outfits if you don’t know what to look for in styling.”


– Those who need a refresher to their modesty journey, to get back on the wagon.

– Those who are curious and want to understand how and what beautiful catholic modesty is?

– Those who have fallen in a modest fashion slump and need some support to get back up?

– Catholic moms worried about the souls of their children and want to be the best example for them, to teach them modesty.

– Catholic women who have practiced modesty for many years, but would like to up-level both their spiritual life and their modest style.

– Catholic women who want to wage a silent war on feminism by reclaiming their beautiful modest self.

– Every Catholic women who is serious about saving her soul.


– This is not for those that believe they are modest enough. (The spiritual life is a narrow gate!)

– This is not for those who believe God doesn’t care what you wear. (He sure does…let me show you why)

– This is not for those who believe make up and fashion are vain. (let me show you what vanity really is)




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Can’t wait to see YOUR life change in the Modesty Lectures!

With MUCH love,

Rita Davidson Author

Rita xxo

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