The year I fell in love with modesty

It was 1997-98 when I first discovered skirts only dressing. And I was smitten!  🙂

My heart fell in love with the femininity of wearing dresses and skirts only – instead of jogging pants (this was before the yoga/leggings craze). 

This felt so “right” and indeed it was! Though I didn’t always get it “perfect” I persevered and very soon I was asked to write a book on Catholic Modesty… that was long before anything else was out there to talk about such a taboo subject…. but that too just felt right as everything fell into place. ✝️

Not long after women, began to come to me for advice, for counsel, for support and Our Lady’s League formed. That was back in the yahoogroups era – and boy it feels like it was the dinosaur era of Catholic modesty for me. haha 🙂 Fast forward 20 + years and I’m a bit older, a lot more tired, but I hope, a bit wiser. ?

I want to introduce you to one of my loves “Catholic Modesty”. Not as a million bloggers will try tell you, but as I’ve lived it for 20 years…

And the stories I’ve heard:

  • Some of you that have been wearing dresses for 17 years and your husband is so happy you found modesty.
  • Some of you struggled with family that hated it.
  • Others that husbands were against it.
  • Others whose husbands were too extreme and harsh.
  • and others where you just woke up feeling ugly and uncomfortable everyday.
I want to share with you some of my uglier days… haha 🙂 I have a box of pictures I have to dig out (I’m sure I can find some….). Those early days of Catholic modesty in 1998 were as hard to find a dress as hard as it was to walk out everyday in a dress when no one else was wearing them!

Modesty is not always easy but so very worth it. And I want to help you win this battle. ♥️✝️

So join me for “The Modesty Lectures 2020” where we will dive deep into brand new research, immodesty today, fashion history, current events and Catholic womanhood…

I’m planning for some special guests and some big surprises in our 6 weeks that you WON’T want to miss!!!!!! 🙂

Who else is excited about spending 6 long weeks geeking out on Catholic modesty and femininity??? I mean if your on my email list and don’t like beautiful modesty, well, there IS a UNsubscribe button you know? 🙂

There is SO MUCH I have to share – and I only pray you will invest in YOU and purchase a seat – your soul depends on it!


Buy your seat right at the below link:

I double dog dare ya’



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With much love,

Rita xxo 🙂


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