Those Who Serve God

Catholic Booklets from Robert T. Hart

At LONG last, here are the booklets available from Robert T. Hart in print form. We are one of the authorized publishers making them available wanting them in print form.


Those Who Serve God Should Not Follow The Fashions
Treatise on Christian Modesty — by Robert T. Hart
  An excellent expose on the subject of immodesty written from a man’s point-of-view. The Feminine Advantage and the Traditional Form of Dress. Everything from being an occasion of sin, to the reverence needed for the body. EXCELLENT Booklet! 


Attention Catholics Helpful reminders for Catholics living in the modern confusion — by Robert T. Hart Hopeful Reminders for Catholics Living in the Modern Confusion! Helpful reminders to Catholics of their daily duties and living the Faith, today!! From truths to meditate on to being a practicing Catholic, and how to please God in your daily lives! From the reality of Hell to the wonderful reality of Heaven!  

The Novus Ordo Question Contains surprising information and facts about the Novus Ordo Mass little known by the general Catholic population. — by Robert T. Hart  

A Compass For Catholics  A treatise on how to keep the Faith in time of Church crisis.  A great little booklet to give to fellow Catholics to bring them back to Tradition. — by Robert T. Hart  
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