Let’s Talk about the Coronavirus

Let’s Talk about the Coronavirus

The world is in a frenzy and things have moved so fast from a regular day to a lockdown that mimics living under Stalin in WWII.

For anyone that knows the history of WWII, it’s hard not to get the hair on our back bristling.

Who could have imagined Mass would be cancelled all around the world?

Who could have guessed schools around the world are closed and families everywhere are officially homeschooling?

Could you even imagine at the start of 2020, we’d be looking at a world like this?

I’m sure you have questions such as;

Is this for real? Is this a real virus that is taking down Italy?

Did the Pope really close ALL the Churches?

Is the virus going to kill millions of people?

Is this a conspiracy because it’s an election year?

Are you exhausted about the sheer information about this?

Are you scared ?


If you have any of these questions please join us on this webinar. Many are not on Facebook for lent and I wanted to create a way for us to talk about this. I want you to feel safe, bring a coffee and ask me questions. I also want to share with you what I have learned that will help give you some hope.

Just a few things we will cover;

What no one will say about the Coronavirus

Is this the Chastisement?

Will Holy Water keep this virus away from you?

How to look at this from God’s eyes

How to keep your family safe and healthy.

Why is there a worldwide toilet paper shortage?

Resources you can have for accurate information about this virus.

 and more!


This webinar is NOT for you if;

You believe you know everything about this virus and it’s all a conspiracy.

You believe it’s all a hoax.

You believe we are all going to die and we can’t do anything about it.

 You believe there is nothing to worry about.


  • DAY:      Tuesday, March 24, 2020
  • TIME:   8PM EST
  • One Hour Webinar with Q & A
  • Bring me your questions and let’s discuss this over coffee or tea, nothing fancy!
  • Let’s discuss what we can do about this virus.





I’ve made this as bare bones as possible, just enough to pay for the software for us… so let’s DO this!

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