When you can't wake up on an early morning


When you can’t wake up on an early morning

by Rita Davidson


When I was young, early mornings were not my favorite. Milking calls at 4:30 were a blur for me. (thankfully it was my brothers that went out for that!) Now that I’m older, early mornings are still not a favorite. I was never an early bird, like my mother still is. 🙂

My mother is now 72 and after 30 years of running a daycare she still gets up at the crack of dawn. Two of our boys are early birds too. But the rest of our children either just get up at a regular hour or much later. Having 7 children you realize that some people are early birds and some are not. There was no pattern in our own children that they were all early birds or all not. Some woke up early all the time, others never seen the light of day unless I pulled them from that restful sleep.

I have no idea if there is some science behind waking up early. I bet there is something to be said for the reason. Watch my next article this Thursday that will touch on that, but it’s not a clear shut case by any means.

Anyhow, being homeschoolers, we adapted to our sleepy heads and adjusted our family as needed. But, as you know there are times when getting up early is a must.

I don’t know when I started to do this, but I think it came at a time when we had an early Mass in the morning and I didn’t have an alarm clock. I vaguely remember this being how it started.

Going to bed that night, I just asked my guardian angel to please wake me up at 7:00am (or whatever time I thought was needed to be up on time).

I remember being very uneasy going to sleep in case I slept over. But imagine my surprise to find out I was awake at just the right time the next morning!

Over and over I would do this, when needed. For an early Mass, or for an appointment. Whatever it was, my guardian angel never failed. I would always wake up on time for the next day.

There is no special prayer, no special devotion, no candles to light. Just a firm confidence in your guardian angel and his ability to wake you up.

Maybe try this on a day that’s not so important at first. You know, just in case your guardian angel needs some ‘breaking in’!

Seriously though, our guardian angels are truly our best friends. They watch us crossing the street when little. They watch us even more as we visit with bad companions when a teen. They sorrow over us when we take that first step into sin as a young adult.

They are God’s appointed helpers to us in this life. They see God in all His glory at all times. They care for us in a way we cannot understand. A duty that goes beyond mere duty. What we will thank our guardian angels for at the end of our lives, only then we will know. If you have not ‘met’ your guardian angel yet, try it. Talk to him, and ask him to wake you up at a specific hour. See how well he is able to do this simple task for you. Get your kids to try it and see the gleam in their eyes when they realize they woke up at just the right time with no alarm clock! Oh the wonder that will rise in their hearts to have this happen!

Then be sure to send them to watch over your children when you can’t be there. Thank them for being there for you. Ask them to pray for you in temptation. Go to them when your lonely and sorrowful.

Do not neglect your guardian angel, and he will never forget you. Don’t listen to all the cynics who just give you some scientific explanation for why you wake up. Give the benefit of the doubt to your guardian angel. And if you never have to buy another alarm clock to wake up, I hope you can share with me how you too have trained your guardian angel to be your alarm clock when you can’t wake up on an early morning.

God bless you,


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2 responses to “When you can't wake up on an early morning”

  1. Milagro Avatar

    Rita, thank you for the reminder to ask my guardian angel to be my alarm clock!  I have found that he never fails me!  I do have a confession to make, though.  I have been guilty of failing my guardian angel.  I will wake up when I needed to, but I will pull one of those “I’ll sleep just a few more minutes,” only to wake up an hour later.  It really is a shameful way to start the day, and it’s not my angel’s fault.  You may have found, like I have, that your angel is not the least bit interested in serving as your “snooze alarm”!  I’ve actually had a lot of trouble getting to sleep at night lately, followed by a terrible time waking up the next morning, and have hit my real snooze over and over again.  Tomorrow I will try this – I will ask my guardian angel to wake me up, then I will ask him to pray for the grace to immediately get out of bed.  It will be extra incentive, wanting to cooperate with my angel who cared enough to wake me up!

    1. Rita Davidson Avatar

       So glad you enjoyed this post Milagro! I’m sure your guardian angel is proud of your admitting your fault. Starting over with your guardian angel is a great idea! My son has admitted that his guardian angel is very accurate to wake him up too. And yesterday I had to wake up for medicine for middle of the night and I was shocked how I woke up just 5 minutes before 4am when I needed to give it. It can almost be chilling when it’s so accurate! On a side note, if falling asleep is hard and waking up even harder, take a look at the Natural Catholic Health series I’m writing this month. Tomorrow is a new one. You might find some easy health answers to your sleep issues too. God bless you! 🙂

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