We have a HOME – Praised be God!

We have a HOME

We have a HOME – Praised be God!

By Rita Davidson

BIG thanks go to St. Michael, and St. Therese the Little Flower, who you will see were big helpers in getting this for us!

For all those that have been following our story, you know how many long months we have been waiting to find a home after our fire.

After losing everything in July 2013, and living homeless for 6 months, we lived with no running water, no indoor toilets, no indoor showers, no internet and moved six times in six months!

This was no easy feat with 4 boys, and three of them with autism. Just keeping their needs under control was a huge challenge.

Those six months we were homeless moving around, we thought coming home to our land, was the answer. So, we finally found a trailer to put on our land in December, but delays kept us out of it until after Christmas in January. But by spring, we realized this was not going to work.

2014-09-15 13.00.50

It was a hard decision, after living here for 10 years, but after being refused to borrow for rebuilding, we realized we were left with no choice. If we were to get in a REAL home, we had to move, as we could not find financing from anyone who would help us rebuild.

So the long journey of finding a home began.

The first house we found, was our favorite, but it was gone before we could even blink. But it stayed in our mind for everything we seen after.

A month later, the next house we found, was in a different town, and was everything we thought we needed. A beautiful old place, on 8 acres and huge house. But after two offers on it, we lost it by being outbid. Our boys were really devastated now.

We took a break from looking as the summer closed; as our hearts could only take so much. We couldn’t stress our boys any more either. All the while pleading for God to show us His will.

After a little break, we visited 10 more houses in 2 days. Exhausting! None of them matched anything we needed, we were stumped.

Then going over OLD listings, we found a place still sitting there…. Hmmm. We decided to investigate.  Well it looks good, has all we seem to need. Maybe? So, next a visit, a tour.

We put an offer in, and waited. We countered it, waited again….Oh the agony of waiting. We finally got an offer accepted! Yes!

Then the details: First, it was to try to get the financing. (remember we lost our business in the fire too!) The one bank that would work with us, took so long to decide since they were backlogged we didn’t wait one week but nearly two weeks. With only 10 days to decide, we had to ask for an extension too! More waiting! The waiting was simply agony.

More details and I really thought we were going to lose this house. Then our St. Therese week started. It started with roses popping up in my Twitter feed. (Thanks John!) 🙂2014-10-02 14.33.09

Then a St. Therese Novena at my mothers house she handed me.

2014-09-30 14.39.24

Then an old drawing of St Therese found tucked away in my moms back room.

2014-10-02 14.05.54Then postage stamps covered in roses. Napkins covered in roses.

An old catalogue with our St. Therese Relic Cover.

2014-10-01 19.35.34It really started becoming too much. When the appraiser showed up and her name was Therese, I really started to wonder. I mean St. Therese feast day was coming but this was ridiculous I thought. LOL

So, when our extension was extended until Friday, St. Therese Feast Day, I thought, something is brewing here. So, I asked St. Therese for one final sign.

Surely enough all our waiting started paying off. The day before her feast day, the financing came through! But not without some struggles, we need some special government ID, we are STILL WAITING ON, and had to push our closing into November. 🙁  But as we were waiting to sign the purchase on her Feast day, I found a Rose Bush, a beautiful climbing rose bush, hidden behind a bush, there at the house! That truly was the last sign I needed.

2014-10-03 16.23.11

So it’s a done deal, Praise God, and not a day too early! Our boys have been stretched to their limits living here.

Feast day of the Guardian Angels was Oct 2nd.  I found an old Medal from our fire, so corroded I couldn’t tell what it was. We were so busy, we didn’t think of it, then Sunday I remembered and asked Mark what he did with it. It took him over an hour to shine it up and when he brought it to me, I nearly squealed, sure enough it was of St. Michael and Guardian Angels!

2014-10-05 12.27.44

We still need to raise $3900 before the closing date, (which we still don’t know the date!) so please KEEP PRAYING and DONATE if you can –>HERE


Thank you for all you have done for us! Our boys thank you! This has been an amazing journey! St. Therese, pray for us! St. Michael, pray for us!

With love,

Rita Xo 🙂

©Copyright 2014 Rita Davidson & Little Flowers Family Press  All Rights Reserved.

IMG_0905Rita is a Catholic wife, and mother of seven, with three autistic boys. Currently a writer, & published author, she is a former hairdresser, professional make up artist with a degree in Natural Health. She is now a Young Living Distributor. After overcoming a stroke, disabilities, and more, they recently lost everything in a devastating house fire that made them homeless for six months. She is determined to lead souls back to Christ by carrying their crosses with Joy!




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  1. Dina Avatar

    Praise be to God!! Wow! So happy for you Rita!!!!

    1. Rita Davidson Avatar
      Rita Davidson

      Thank you Dina!
      So good to hear from you here!
      Rita Xo 🙂
      Author: Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue (2001) and more!

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