Wear the Dress Challenge

for Lent

Wear the Dress Challenge – is designed to help Catholic ladies wear dresses and skirts daily in reparation for the insults and evils in the world today.

Wear the dress challenge

When was the last time you wore a dress (skirt)?

Have you fallen off every possible wagon this year trying to wear skirts daily?

Wear the dress challenge

Are you sick and tired of all the evils in the world? Do you want to do something – anything – this lent to make a difference?

Welcome to “Wear the Dress Challenge for Lent”

This Challenge is designed to help ladies not feel alone wearing dresses daily. I remember when I first started wearing dresses (skirts). I was the only one in our small town and I sure could feel the stares. But I fell in LOVE with the idea of modesty that I just ignored everyone around me. Did I feel uncomfortable and awkward? you bet I did… in fact I felt so awkward that I stopped looking in the mirror everyday (I removed them from my house!). Just so I would not feel awful when I seen myself. And I did this for FIVE YEARS!

Coming from a beauty background in make-up and hairdressing, I felt my vanity needed to be purged from my soul! And at the time this was the only way I thought I could achieve this. It was a extreme that I do not wish you to have to live through. LOL That is why I have started this challenge so you won’t be alone. If you feel awkward, there is no better time to be awkward when you all awkward TOGETHER! haha 🙂

Will you wear skirts and dresses again in reparation for all the insults and evils in the world today?

Our Lady asks for penance and fasting in these dark days. Lent is the perfect opportunity to pray and do penance. But when I asked on my Facebook page what everyone was offering up, all I heard was, “I’m going to be  more kind.”


Jesus is asking us to BLEED for Him!

Will you give up pants this lent for Jesus? And wear a dress (skirt) in reparation for the outrages and sacrileges rampant today?

Will you join me in wearing a dress (or skirt) each day in lent as penance to end this coronavirus and to end this “great reset” threatening our world?

For heaven’s sake we are all stuck at home anyhow no one will even SEE you! LOL

You KNOW this is going to be hard…after all that comfort we have all come to love….

wear the dress challenge

If you are thinking “What kind of penance is THAT?”

That’s just the reason why you need this penance!

If your thinking; “I have only one or two skirts”,  well do what Nathalie is doing for this challenge. She has only 2 that fit, “oh so snuggly right now and that would be one mean penance!” she said when I told her about this challenge.

You have no excuse – really you don’t... your SOUL NEEDS this challenge…

  • Maybe your brand new to modesty and you have no idea how to wear a dress, perfect!
  • Maybe you read my book and fell off the wagon and can’t get back up? Perfect!
  • Whatever your reason to join, just know that this is the kind of penance that will be tough because you will get great merit from it during lent. And who doesn’t want a great and fruitful lent?
  • Doesn’t Our Lady deserve our penance so she might bring about the triumph of her Immaculate Heart?

Still not sure?

This challenge is designed to get you to wear a dress (skirt) every day in lent doing one activity.

  1. Each week during lent there will be one activity posted and you will wear your skirt for that activity. And post a pic of you doing that activity.
  2. Each week will have a bingo card of activities that you can follow.
  3. It will be hosted in a Facebook Group (let us know if this won’t work for you).
  4. Partial proceeds will go towards the formation of new priests. So needed today!
  5. At the end of Lent and 40 days you will have grown in wisdom and grace I guarantee it!
  6. (and shhhhhh  …. I heard …. there will be prizes! 🙂

And at the end of lent – you will have 40 images of yourself wearing a skirt and going an activity and you will have gained an insight about modesty and wearing dresses (skirts) that only DOING it could teach you… This will be more valuable than reading my book because it will show you hands-on that you CAN do this. You CAN wear a dress!

And I want you to bring ALL the Feelings…

The discomfort

The Embarrassment

The frustration (with yourself, or shopping or ?)

The … disgust… with yourself… (yes I felt that too… )

whatever feelings overcome you every time you try do this… bring them all and let me hear them so I can help walk you through this… <3

Now are you ready to join me?

This opened ASH WEDNESDAY!


Yes I know nothing like leaving this to the very last day….

but my life is not my own…and I’ve wanted to do this for over a year in hopes of helping those who truly want to wear dresses (skirts) everyday but get stuck on “HOW” to do it.

I hope you will have a fruitful lent this year (giving up pants) and change your life by wearing a dress today!

Wear the Dress challenge

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*Partial proceeds will go to support the formation of new priests.

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