Webinar: What does real Catholic modesty look like?

Live Webinar with Rita Davidson

What does real Catholic modesty look like?


Many of you SHUDDER (ahem…some swear)!

to think what modesty would mean for YOU?




Will I have to wear THAT?







or You mean I have to give up THIS ?









When I first became modest in 1997-98 we were quite happy to be modest in ANYTHING. LOL


But… then I hear women say:

“ohhhhhh you make me WANT to be feminine again.”

and “oh I have been PRAYING more and feeling SO MUCH MORE closer to GOD since wearing dresses.”


and I KNOW the devil is having a hard time knowing women are listening to the call to modesty. After all it was Our Lady of Fatima that really drew attention to the subject of modesty in 1917.

“Fashions will be introduced that will much offend Our Lord” she said.


Since my book came out in 2001, the topic of modesty has been gaining momentum…and I mean REALLY gaining momentum. (good and BAD..)You have every religion (and non-religion) talking about it. I mean the world is SO READY for modesty isn’t it? But what does real Catholic modesty look like? I mean modesty for Catholics? Well that is exactly why I subtitled the 3rd Edition of my book a real Catholic Modesty book – because modesty for Catholics is distinctly different, but not how you think…

Are you ready to learn the following?

  • What is the difference between Catholic vs Christian modesty?

  • Fatima and Fashions just what did Our Lady of Fatima mean to tell us?

  • What other religions believe in modesty?

  • Does being modest mean I can still wear what I want?

  • Will I look like Laura Ingalls if I become modest?

  • Why is modesty so popular today?

  • Is it WRONG to follow the fashions?

  • WHERE can I find modest clothes today?


Just a few of the topics I’ll cover in this  LIVE WEBINAR plus BONUS Q & A.

So MARK your Calendars, block off your time, put a reminder on your phone, put the KIDS to bed EARLY! lol

…Rita is coming out and going LIVE to teach you what she has learned from her 20 years of researching Catholic modesty and counselling families.





Rita is a published author, researcher and writer, speaker and mom of 7. She is a former Licensed Hair Dresser and Make Up Pro and began dressing modestly in 1997-98 when her children were young. She wrote “Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue” in Lent 1999 and began counselling families on the difficulties and complexities of being modest today. In 2013 her book survived a devastating fire, found under 6 feet of charcoal. She now feels obligated, to dedicate her life to make modesty more understood and beautifully embraced.




GRAB your seat where you can have your modesty questions answered! I’ll be speaking about What real Catholic modesty looks like and giving insight into my 20 years of research on the topic of Catholic modesty. I SOOOO want to bless you with all I’ve learned and can’t WAIT to have you on the call! Reserve your seat now. I have some EXTRA SPECIAL SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENTS (and GIVEAWAYS) that you DO NOT want to miss!!!!

Webinar includes FULL RECORDING with live Q & A that covered:

What about swimming on the beach?

How can we cover our heads during mass without looking obvious?

What should we sleep in are pajamas okay?

What about piercings on the body?

and much more….


It was a blast! Just read  Comments from viewers:

“I enjoyed the webinar immensely. Thank you so much. You were very professional and the presentation was organized, relevant and just plain awesome!

     You helped me a lot tonight. I was fussing and worrying all day that my skirt was too short. It came to my knees. It looked like the one pic you had of the girl with the back pack. I felt relieved and encouraged.” Trish, Canada

“Thank you! This has all been so incredibly helpful!” Jenna, USA

“Congratulations Rita.  That was very well done.  You’re enthusiasm was wonderful.  I imagine you must be zonked!” Nathalie, Canada


I was SO excited to see how blessed everyone was from this event.  I don’t want anyone to miss out. This topic of Fatima, Modesty and Fashions, can change your life, I want to make it easy as possible to get the recording.

So for a limited time only, you can get the recording of this information packed, nearly 2 hour EVENT, regularly $77


Let’s go!


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