What will fix the Church today?


What will fix the Church today?

By Rita Davidson


I had an interesting conversation recently after asking this question on my Facebook and Twitter pages. I want to share those answers with you today.

From my Twitter answers ranged from:

Confession and Holy Communion from Annie, Rosary and Scapular, and Get rid of the heretics…


From my Facebook, there was:

Jesus second coming, Traditional Latin mass, prayers, rosaries and then from Deborah, “every person fully living their Roman Catholic faith… and Mother Mary’s Immaculate Heart WILL triumph.”

Then there was one that asked ‘what is there to fix?’


Are we in denial?

How can we fix anything, if we can’t see what is wrong?

I’m not going to make this a discourse about the problems in the Church, and outside it. (that’s a topic for another day!)

We can all agree, that society is on a slippery slope to hell. Regardless of what you think of the Church today, we know that it could have a stronger voice in the world.

Families are struggling, children are leaving the faith, there is no direction to help us stay on the right path, getting our families to heaven. Facebook is ALIVE with questions, questions, and more questions.

Then there is the small remnant, that has become overwhelmed by it all.  They are faint of heart, they have all but given up the struggle. They have lost hope. This makes me so sad. Of all the people that could have lost hope, that could have been me. From abuse as a child to a stroke at 26, losing three children from the faith, having three disabled boys and losing our home & business in a devastating fire that left us literally homeless for six months, I COULD HAVE LOST HOPE, but I Put my TRUST in GOD instead.

While all the answers above are wonderful solutions to the confusion today they are only part. There is ONE answer that is most important of all. That is:


We must ALL JOIN together and become a strong force against the growing darkness. What is destroying the Church today is lukewarmness.

Lukewarmness in priests, in Bishops and laypeople. The lack of devotion in souls is what is killing the life of grace in the world. And we are all witnessing the result.

We are suffering from the collective neglect of devotion in the world. Those of us with the True Faith, that Know our duties, we cannot be satisfied with being average. We must live each day with great love for God. How can we be so lukewarm when sins are crying to heaven for vengeance!


Because we ARE the Church Militant. We are all united through grace to the Church. It is our prayer life, our abandonment of sin, our charity, our gratitude, our zeal that is filling up the gaps in this darkness. God is waiting for us to respond to His grace!

We must ALWAYS have HOPE! Before we can add grace to the world we must get serious about our own spiritual life. We must have such devotion that it overflows our soul into the world around us. First to our family, then our Church, then our community. We cannot be satisfied with mediocre we must be fervently on fire for God and charity for our neighbor.

So HOW do we do this?

Start with these three things:

  1. Abandonment of sin. That means immodest dress, impurity, complaining, and worry too! Yes! So many of us feel ‘safe’ because we don’t steal murder or lie. That is just the tip of the iceberg!  God asked us, “Be Ye Perfect!” If we find ourselves complaining all day on Facebook, how ungrateful are we to God and what He has given to us? This is one of the biggest concerns of Facebook, is all the drama and senseless chatter that takes away from our daily duties. Worry, how many of us lose sleep with worry? How dare we when God takes care of ‘the lilies in the field’. Where is our Trust?
  2. Fulfilling your Daily Duties according to your state in life. Whatever your state in life is, your duty is to do that the best that you can. Student, wife, husband, religious. God has chosen the ideal life for each of us. (even if we don’t think so). Regardless of how “small”, “Insignifigant” or ‘dull’  our life might feel, doing our best with what we have is all that God asks of us. And for some of us that is a lot!
  3. Grow in Faith. We cannot expect to expand our love for God if we do not work on growing our own soul. We don’t abandon a garden to the wind and sun without water? Why do we neglect the care of our soul so much? We feed our soul by prayer and study. Not just Sunday Mass, not just morning and evening prayer, but prayer all day. Prayers while your doing the dishes, while your driving the car to lessons, while your preparing supper. Talking to God at every opportunity you have. Telling Him your worries, your frustrations and your concerns. Tapping into the great beyond so that it becomes a daily habit for you. Only then can you have the graces to share with your children, your family and beyond. And study. We cannot begin to take our faith seriously if we don’t understand the truths of the faith. We must study the faith and pray for God to lead us to His truth, so our souls will be enlightened.


Only then will we be fulfilling God’s will and bringing to Him the cooperation He was waiting for to correct the confusion we are in and bring about the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary!


How are you growing in your faith today? Share with me your struggles and triumphs!


With love,

Rita Xo 🙂

©Copyright 2014 Rita Davidson  All Rights Reserved.

IMG_0905Rita is a Catholic wife, and mother of seven, with three autistic boys. Currently a writer, & published author, she is a former hairdresser, professional make up artist with a degree in Natural Health. She is now a Young Living Distributor. After overcoming a stroke, disabilities, and more, they recently lost everything in a devastating house fire that made them homeless for six months. She is determined to lead souls back to Christ by carrying their crosses with Joy!


8 responses to “What will fix the Church today?”

  1. Dina Avatar

    Awesome post!!

    1. Dina Avatar

      I have been thinking a lot about modesty and purity. That is our armor. We are the Church Militant and must fight. The image of warriors fighting doesn’t seem to feminine to me, LOL, but I keep getting the feeling that as women our armor is proper dress and actions and of course unceasing prayer. We need to be praying many rosaries and teaching our kids the faith , the true faith. I have also noticed we as a society are afraid of speaking plainly. It makes us uncomfortable. In a conversation with my mom about an order of priests who despise the Latin Mass, we were discussing that these poor misguided priests were treating those that worked for them poorly if they assisted at TLM. My friend is a teacher in their school and he is not allowed to assist at TLM for fear of some sort of negative consequence. In discussing this I stated that this is evil. Well my mom said “Don’t say that!” Why not? It is evil. Is it good? No, then it’s evil. We all participate in evil at times. We can’t be afraid to say what sin is and who is behind all sin. We can’t be afraid to tell our kids about hell. We can’t be lazy!

      1. Rita Davidson Avatar
        Rita Davidson

        Yes, Dina,
        our Church needs many prayers, many rosaries, many sacrifices to turn this evil around. The first armor we have is the recognize the devil is REAL is is truly causing havoc in the world, society and our Faith. If more would pray and sacrifice there would be more graces in the world for GOd to use.

        Keep fighting the good fight Dina!
        God bless,
        Rita Xo 🙂
        Author of the ‘bestselling’ Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue 2001, and more…!

      2. Amy Avatar

        I don’t know about where you live but here in the United States we have this idea of politically correct. I feel this politically correct attitude makes us turn the other way and not see the issues in our world. It is this that keeps most Americans quiet. And right now it is not politically correct to be a faithful following Catholic.

        1. Rita Davidson Avatar
          Rita Davidson

          We are in Canada Amy,
          and our country is about as politically correct as the US here.

          Unfortunately, we have to live in these days, but we can still live out our faith, so we must try while we can!
          God bless,
          Author; the bestselling, “Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue, (2001) and more…

    2. Rita Davidson Avatar
      Rita Davidson

      Thank you Dina!
      Always nice to see you reading here. 🙂

      God bless you!
      Rita Xo 🙂
      Author of the ‘bestselling, Immodesty Satan’s Virtue,(2001) saved from the ashes…!

  2. Chris Avatar

    Rita, I love to read your writings. They are very inspiring to me. I guess, possibly we are all to blame. If the priests aren’t telling us about Hell, the Devil and the end times, and being more secular, that causes Catholics to look the other way on sins. We all need to be more spiritual and pray, especially the Rosary. I have become more spiritual the last two years due to a visit to a shrine site called Holy LOVE in OHIO by Cleveland. I have been opened to more graces and realizing that our world is in dire need of GOD’s mercy. We have to wake up from our slumber and get back to basics. Thank you for all your wonderful writings , works and prayers!! You are most definitely a warrior in this generation!! GOD bless all that you do!! Chris

    1. Rita Davidson Avatar
      Rita Davidson

      Thank you Chris,
      for commenting and appreciating my writings… It’s so good to know my writings don’t get lost in cyberspace with no one reading them! I consider it a privilege to be able to write and inspire anyone to do deeper in their faith. We surely need more warriors in this war for souls! 🙂
      God bless you and Mary keep you,
      Rita Xo 🙂
      Author: the bestselling, saved from the ashes, “Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue” 2001

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