Where is happiness found?

WHERE is HAPPINESS found? ? Everyone is talking about “be happy” “believe in yourself” it’s the mantra of today…

✍? And for some life is good, life is great – and yet they can’t be happy…

✍?Then for many of us we struggle with health issues, family losses, trauma, financial worries and we can barely break a smile.

✍?Let me tell you that happiness is an empty dream. For all those who have good lives they can’t find it. And for all those that struggle they can’t find it. So where is happiness found?

✍?I’m not here to puff you up and make you feel all comfy inside. I love you enough to want to get you to heaven and that sometimes means hard truths.

✍?Life is hard my friends. There’s no doubt about it. (And if your life ain’t hard you better be wondering why!) But while happiness is the icing on the cake – JOY is the cake – what we are searching for.

✍?We have to stop waiting for all the things – to be happy. Instead we must look for the small things to find our joy.

✍?So many people don’t understand how I could be happy with my Bell’s palsy, Chronic Lyme, 3 special needs boys, a mom with dementia, still recovering from our house fire that took everything we had. Yet it was all my crosses that taught me JOY.

✍?Stop waiting for your crosses to leave and instead find the small joys right where you are. Look for God in small places. Watch for His signs everywhere. Praise Him in your sorrows. When you begin to live like this your worries will finally disappear and be replaced with the Joy that only God can give. ♥️?

I woke up today with liver pain, sinus pain and nausea … but sometimes God just wants us to slow down… and listen for His whispering…

While I was suffering I was sitting in this large unfinished room with my coffee, and thought – I’m so happy to be here! We don’t have to have “all the things!”

I hope this brings you some comfort in your difficult days.

With much love,

Rita Xxo


Yes this is me with bad hair – blah and no make-up blah blah blah – it’s just real life and I’m so grateful to share my “real life” with you…

Which reminds me… I have not caught you up with our house renovations!!! I’ve just been so anxious to write a real post for you!!! Xxo

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