Why We Choose Neurodevelopmental Therapy for our Boys


Why We Choose Neurodevelopmental Therapy for our Boys

by Rita Davidson


This past weekend we spent with Sylvia, our boys therapist. As many of you know, we have 3 boys with autism. Sylvia is from Pathways-ND, Alberta. We helped her start a satellite office in 2010 here.

We choose neurodevelopment therapy because it is based on the research that the brain is plastic and can be trained, and improved. When I first realized our son Andrew has autism I started a very tiring search of what could be done for him. This therapy showed me the most promise that my son would have the best future possible for him.

Since then I have seen all three of my boys improve in small and large ways, such as the last few months when Sylvia got Joseph, our 9 year old, non-verbal and severely autistic boy to read! What a joyful day that was, and Sylvia was brought to tears she was so excited for him.

When she comes the boys get all excited to see her again. She is a real special person with a great love for children. We prepare our guest room and pick her up at the airport and spend a few days with her. It’s nice to have a visitor here, now that the weather is nicer too.

She evaluates our boys progress and other families drive to see her for update reports. Progress from her families here are sometimes amazing and I am sure it is only because of her great love for children that just bubbles out of her.


All three of our boys have been on program with her since 2010 when we travelled out to see her in Alberta, Canada to get our boys evaluated. Since then our boys have made progress in their health, academics, their anxieties, and more through special diets and Neurodevelopmental Therapy.

She designs a full program of remedial academics as well as program activities to help their sensory issues and more.

I am so grateful that we found Sylvia and all she has done for our family. I am always excited to share her with anyone else looking for an alternative way to help their special needs children.


For anyone interested in understanding this therapy, we have her book, Learning Disabilites, including Autism and a 5HR Seminar, of the same name, that we recorded for her in 2011. I highly recommend these two resources for anyone struggling with learning disabilities, dyslexia, autism or any other disabilities. Sylvia is part of a Christian Network of Neurodevelopmentalists and there are ND’s all through the U.S.


Buy Sylvia’s Video & Books  here.

Learn more about Sylvia on her website here: www.pathways-nd.com

All profits on Sylvia’s books/video’s go directly back to Sylvia work and we are honored to be able to carry these lifesaving, resources for families.


Do you have special needs in your family? What resources have you used to give them a future?


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RitaMarkNov2012Painting2_optRita is a Catholic wife and mother of seven children. Mark is her ever patient husband. She reverted back to the faith when her oldest was making her First Communion. By then, she had completed degrees in Hairdressing and Make up artistry. She went on to receive a degree in Natural Health and another degree in Art. At age 26, Rita suffered a minor stroke. With no lasting effects, this dramatically changed her outlook on life. In 1996, Rita began ‘Little Flowers Family Apostolates’ to reach out to other families with her new found faith, by creating unique Catholic books and resources.. In 1999, she wrote the bestselling, ‘Immodesty; Satan’s Virtue’. She was editor of ‘The Catholic Health Letter’ for 7 years. She has been a homeschooling mom for 20+ years, and has written for various magazines. She is honored that families have trusted her with their questions, needs and concerns over the years. She continues to write and reach out to Catholic families with her husband, Mark and their 4 boys through http://www.LittleFlowersFamilyPress.com


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