Will the real Catholic please stand up?


Will the Real Catholic please stand up?

By Rita Davidson


This week I (unfortunately) ran across the news about Fisher More College. You see I am news-deprived here (out of choice) trying instead to keep my eyes down and moving ever forward. So, some things pass me by. 🙂

I don’t really think I am any worse for it. I mean the world is still turning when I finally look up. 🙂

If you haven’t heard about the controversy/news about Fisher More you can try google it. But I warn you curiosity killed the cat, remember?

It started with a Facebook “Like” in my feed from a fairly ‘famous’ Catholic person (who will remain unnamed to protect the innocent – Father they know not what they do), promoting an article with a comment that was a little surprising to me. Hey maybe I’m just naive?

So I clicked to see what it was all about (isn’t that always the way on Facebook?). That brought me to a blog, (which will also go unnamed). It started out describing ‘their’ version of the news in question, then resorted to name calling, in a way to make their point.

Then there was the comments, dozens of comments, assumptions, often with derogatory remarks, untruths, and half-truths. I’m like WHAT? This is a Catholic blog? I mean what could be so important to lead to such rabble?

Again, it is the ‘traditional catholic’ pitted against the ‘novus ordo catholic’ (excuse me, for lack of a better word). Each side growing more heated against each other, and words are becoming more bitter.

What I read was ton of ‘opinions’, and A LOT of emotion, one Catholic against another. True Charity no longer lives in the Universal Church. How can we really look at a fellow Catholic and call them names such as radical, superior, spiteful, Nazi sympathizer, need I say more? Satan has entered the camp, and made us all each other’s enemies today, but no one is stopping for a moment to see this!

In 2012 Pope Benedict “urged the faithful to use the internet as an untapped frontier”. I wonder if he realizes what he has unleashed?

The devil is taking his time, picking through the weak spots in the Church. Pitting one traditional Catholic against another Catholic. Sad to say, both camps are guilty of name calling, All in the name of TRUTH?

Today the enemy is inside our own Church. Are you not worried to tell your ‘friend’ or family when you started to go to the traditional Mass? I mean it’s not even called the traditional Mass but referred to as “EF “ “TLM” “OP” as if the Church itself it adding to the confusion today!

Like during the time of Christ, we are now persecuted from within our own Church. Duped by Satan that they are serving the Church, they have forgotten what they are really fighting for. We all have a common enemy here; Satan. We aren’t supposed to be taking down each other!

Wake up, fellow Catholics!

The four marks of the Church are:
One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic

Do you see these marks in the Universal Church today?

Are you the real Catholic the Church needs today? Because if you are the Church, needs you.

At the end of the day, God will judge each of us by our every word; whether written or said.  Let us in fear and trembling, pray we can all make a good account for ours.

 With love,
Rita Xo 🙂





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5 responses to “Will the real Catholic please stand up?”

  1. Amy Avatar

    Yes, it is a sad state of affairs. What happened to the verse in the Bible about seeing the speck in another persons eye while not noticing the boulder in your own eye. I do think it is a war going on about started by the devil. The only solution I know of is for all of us to pray to God to help each of us improve ourselves and to give ourselves the grace to grow and become better and more Christ like.

  2. Marisa Avatar

    Well said, Rita. I am out of the loop as well, and most of my news comes from my husband. I’m afraid if I look at the controversy, I might get swept away by the emotional part of it–I am weak. So, I’ll take your word for it. Watching our beautiful Church slowly get torn apart into divisions is disheartening, but we continue to pray and battle with the gifts the Church has given us–the Rosary and the Eucharist. Thank you for your wonderful website and blog. Blessings to you and yours….

    1. Rita Davidson Avatar
      Rita Davidson

      Thank you Marisa, for your comments. It is a true grace to know our weaknesses and you surely sound like you know yours well. Please pray that I might always be a source of truth in this growing darkness. God has one this battle. We only need to bravely finish our part of the battle! God bless you! Rita Xo:)

  3. Rita Davidson Avatar
    Rita Davidson

    Amen Amy! 🙂

  4. Sharon P Avatar
    Sharon P

    Very insightful, Rita. Thank you for this post. It made me stop and think deeper. God bless you.

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