Will you ever see another sunrise?

Wear the Dress Challenge
How many of us woke up this morning and will never see another sunrise ?
God has not promised us tomorrow – and some of us didn’t make it to today.
Are we ready to meet our God?
The God who created us from nothing ?
And we can barely sacrifice anything for Him today?
I’m reminded of death daily – first with my own stroke at 26 years young, then walking out of a housefire in 2013, and now especially caring for my elderly mother with dementia. Today was another brush with the eternal … and I’ve learned to be so thankful for each breath I have.
In our “Wear the Dress Challenge” it was designed for Catholic women so in love with God they would do anything for Him – including spending 40 days in dresses as a penance for the insults and evils today.
Won’t you join us ? 
Who knows how many days God has given you to serve Him ?
Imagine His joy when you offer Him your Comfort of pants (they are awfully comfortable aren’t they?) as penance for your sins and the sins of the world?
I guarantee it will change your life as it changed mine. You have til midnight to decide – I pray you choose HIM over your comfort. You no longer have to be alone wearing dresses (skirts).
I can’t wait to see you in the group !
 Doors close TONIGHT, so we can hunker down for 40 days, making reparation wearing dresses together!
Join us now while you still can. 🙂
 Your soul will thank you…
With MUCH love,
Rita xo 🙂

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2 responses to “Will you ever see another sunrise?”

  1. Sandra Avatar

    Dear Rita,
    I see your book is out of print. Will you be publishing it again??
    I hope so when???

    1. Rita Davidson Avatar
      Rita Davidson

      It’s finally available again Sandra!

      Grab it while you can! 🙂
      GOd bless,
      Rita xxo 🙂

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