Review: Little Blue House series by Colleen Drippe


Welcome Summer and welcome heat!

by Rita Davidson

Summer is turning out to be hot, and dry here. With our well running dry this week and just trying to stay cool it’s been busy. We are working on new titles for fall, and our new website. Watch for our upcoming survey where you can have your say. You will get to tell us what books you want to see this fall !

  We have plans to launch our new website soon, so please keep this in your prayers! It is a huge undertaking and we have a few hurdles to overcome. I pray you’ll all be pleased with the end result. We listened to your input for this.


  For today I wanted to share with you a new Guest post. A review by Dessi Jackson of Christmas at the Little Blue House and Growing with the Little Blue House. Both beloved by Catholic homeschooling families. She is a mom of 6 beautiful children and will be making periodical reviews of our books. We hope you’ll enjoy a look at her family and her insightful look at our books and her family.


We have neglected our emails for a few weeks. We are soon going to have some help with our work. So praying this works, we won’t fall behind so much. There is just too much work to do for so few hands. So many souls to save, so little time. 


If all goes well, you’ll hear from me on Monday again. Please connect with me on Facebook if you want to see me daily. And please send us your questions for me to answer with an upcoming post on my blog!  We want to hear from you!


 God bless you all,






We are in Love!

by Dessi Jackson

Just a few months back we finished reading The Little House series. It was an amazing adventure, one that captured us all, but there was something lacking. My children enjoyed them, but wished there was a book like that with Catholic children and parents. We all thought how much cozier it would be to read familiar words, customs, and prayers. A few days ago I got the sweetest package in the mail. The children could not open it fast enough. It was from Little Flowers Family Press.

There they were: two books. The little ones could not wait until family reading time. Christmas at the Little Blue House opened for hours of enjoyment. We were drawn in from the beginning. There is no way we can now have sweet potatoes without thinking of momma and her family. We could see the characters, we could taste the split pea soup, and we could relate to their lifestyle.


The Angelus Prayer will never be the same as we picture the six Catholic children praying in the open field. How wonderful to hold such a gem of a book in these times, to read and see a Catholic family living their faith, celebrating and offering up sweet offering for our Lady and her Son! We flew through the book and were so sad when it was over, but the greatest part of a great book is that it is never over. The characters and places are forever in your heart.

The next book is Growing with the Little Blue House. My older daughter especially loved this book. The struggle with friends who are different is only a bit of the new adventures that the children get into. When the entire family cannot wait to read the next chapter or when even the littlest ones ask for one more chapter, you know you have stirred their hearts. They have found something in which they can see themselves as part of a greater whole. Their minds are busy thinking out the way we live our faith in everyday situations and their hearts are touched by the beauty of their Catholic faith. We have discovered a diamond and we intend to hold on to it, and my children are already reflecting its beauty. These books are a must for every Catholic family. They will delight and charm you for many years. These are the books you would love to open over and over and read it to your children, grandchildren and (Lord willing) your great grandchildren!!!



Dessi, says it’s no coincidence that her name rhymes with "messy."Her  life is full of beautiful messes. She has 6 beautiful children: and an immigrant from Bulgaria, in Eastern Europe, who now lives in the countryside of Maryland.  You can find her on her blog: Life with Many Blessings


3 responses to “Review: Little Blue House series by Colleen Drippe”

  1. Anna Yuthasastrkosol Avatar
    Anna Yuthasastrkosol

    Nice to meet you and I was born Catholic in Thailand.
    We go to the Church every sunday.
    Praise GOD

    God Bless you
    Anna Yuthasastrkosol

  2. Stacy Avatar

    I have been trying to find “Growing with the little blue house” for years. My kids have read the other two books in the series and loved them. Any chance I may be able to find a copy anywhere? Thanks!

    1. Rita Davidson Avatar
      Rita Davidson

      Hello Stacy,
      Thank you for stopping by. As you may or may not have heard we are the publisher of Growing with the Little Blue House, but July 2013 we also lost our entire business and home, leaving us homeless in a devastating fire. You can see that here
      We are waiting to get our hard drives and praying we will be able to recover some of our titles.
      Be sure to join our mailing list to hear when these will be available or not.
      Thank you and God bless you,
      Author of the bestselling, “Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue” saved from the ashes, returning soon!

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